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Inner Voice


Great Star Man was enchanted by White Star Woman and made a journey through the heavens to get to her. On his way he encountered many obstacles. Every time an obstacle came to him Great Star Man was able to conquer it by singing his songs and using the powers of his sacred bundle. Eventually he arrived at the house of White Star Woman. She was guarded by four stars who controlled the power of rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Great Star Man did not turn back in the face of thunder and lightning, flogging rain and hard winds. Steadily he walked on until he reached White Star Woman. Great Star Man had faith in himself. He had faith in his inner voice. To hear the wisdom of your inner voice, there must be silence within yourself. Your inner voice is often drowned out by the thoughts in your head and external influences. Great Star Man achieved inner silence every time he encountered an obstacle by singing a sacred song. With that he focused his inner voice and warded off outside influences. Create silence in yourself and start trusting your inner voice.


560-days Calendar


Day 2  Cyclus 65

season color: yellow


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